Follow Friday #2

February 1, 2013


This Follow Friday is a very special one, because not only do I think the person I am higlighting today is awesome and great, she is also someone I admire. She is part of th Sweat Pink Ambassadors and a true hero. Patti at Heavy Girl to Healthy Girl took 55″ and 113lbs off through healthy […]

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Goal for 2013 #1

January 31, 2013


The whole reason I write this blog is because I have this gigantic, amazing, goal of learning how to surf. I am finally in a position where that’s possible. I’ve realized, however, that I need to have other small goals as well. Something that I can continue through my life (though I plan to surf […]

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What I Ate Wednesday #2

January 30, 2013


Jenn at Peas and Crayons is a little food voyeur (so am I) and let’s the blogging community link up and share what they ate for the week. Here are a few of my favorites from this week! A simple breakfast of a juice smoothie and a hardboiled egg. Another morning I had plain greek […]

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Motivation Monday

January 28, 2013


Lead your own life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are you, and only you. That’s all that matters.  

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How My Food Journal Sets Me Free

January 27, 2013


One of the major steps I’ve taken in my journey so far is that being healthy is not about deprivation. Depriving ourselves is never a good thing, not emotionally, not physically, and not spiritually. While I am giving myself the ability to be free of the burden that is “dieting”, I also must constantly remain conscious […]

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Follow Friday

January 25, 2013


Welcome to my first Follow Friday post! Follow Friday’s will consist of blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages etc of people who I follow and think you should follow too. For my first edition I am going to highlight a blog and it’s blogger that has provided me with some immense motivation to start leading a […]

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My Love for Fruit

January 24, 2013


In an effort to change my relationship with food the first thing I needed to tackle was my near addiction to sweets. To me, sweets were the ultimate reward and the thing I craved the most. Whenever someone would tell me “give up sugar”, even the thought of it made me want to hide. As […]

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What I Ate Wednesday #1

January 23, 2013


This is my first time joining Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday. I actually remembered to take pictures of what I ate one day this week! (Well almost, I forgot lunch). For breakfast I mixed some plain yogurt, some local Mountain Man blackberry jam and some cocoa powder. I paired that with just half […]

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Anxiety and Disordered Eating

January 22, 2013


During my journey into healthful living I have realized more than ever that 75% of being healthy is being in a state of mind that offers individual respect for yourself and others. Personally, while juggling all of the things that life has thrown at me I have been lacking on the self-respect, and in turn […]

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Embracing the Old

January 21, 2013


“Faith is taking the first step even when you didn’t see the whole staircase” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s been about 3 months since my last entry. As much as I hated being away from blogging, I needed to take a step back and get my priorities back in order. Many things have […]

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