My Love for Fruit

Posted on January 24, 2013


In an effort to change my relationship with food the first thing I needed to tackle was my near addiction to sweets. To me, sweets were the ultimate reward and the thing I craved the most. Whenever someone would tell me “give up sugar”, even the thought of it made me want to hide.

As I slowly broke up with sweets, and decided to only see them once in awhile, I replaced that need with a nature made sweet: FRUIT! I have a new loving relationship with fruit. (I’m still working on the veggies). I love fruit. I eat fruit all of the time. I’ve even began to experiment with some exotic (for me) fruits. With that I bring you:





Mangos are FULL of vitamins and minerals that your body loves. Who needs a processed horse pill full of “vitamins” Eat them!


What is your favorite fruit?

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