How My Food Journal Sets Me Free

Posted on January 27, 2013


One of the major steps I’ve taken in my journey so far is that being healthy is not aboutDSC_0243 deprivation. Depriving ourselves is never a good thing, not emotionally, not physically, and not spiritually. While I am giving myself the ability to be free of the burden that is “dieting”, I also must constantly remain conscious of where I am in my food therapy.

Most of the commercial diet plans suggest you keep a food journal in order to track calories or points. These are steps to deprivation. Counting and not meeting your points or going over causes guilt or anxiety. The last thing I need is more anxiety.

My lovely food journal, made by my talented sister-in-law, is not about anxiety, or guilt, or deprivation. It’s all about keeping me involved in my eating, and conscious of my new relationship with food. Writing everything I eat down keeps me aware of what I am putting into my body. I don’t tell myself I can’t have something because it won’t look good written down. But I do think about how I have to write down what I’m eating, and it makes me think about eating rather than tuning out to the TV or in a good book.

DSC_0248I also keep track of how much water I drink a day. I am notoriously bad at hydrating myself. All I do is keep tallys of how many 8oz servings of water I have. After I write down my meals I am able to check in and see how much more I should be shooting for, and know that I need to continue to hydrate.

My food journal is so fun! I can go back and say “Oh! I really liked having that” or “Hm, I didn’t feel so good after I ate that, so I won’t have that again.” It’s been so freeing, I love writing down what I ate!

Do you have a food journal? Does it give you any positive/negative feelings?

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