Hi! I’m Kasey and I want to be a surfer. That sounds like a very random endeavor, or an episode of that old M.T.V. show “Made”, but it’s true. As a former competitive swimmer, and having the dream of becoming a marine biologist it shouldn’t be too surprising that I love the ocean.

Melbourne Beach, Florida

Haling from Rochester New York, though, made it difficult to be -that- in love with the ocean. But, about one year ago I graduated with my Masters in Public Administration degree, quit my job, packed up my belongings and ventured to the lovely Raleigh North Carolina to be closer to my brother and his wife. Now I was only a day trip away from the beach. It took about 5 months before my sister-in-law Heather and I headed to the beach for a mini vacation. Much to my surprise we ended up meeting a couple of guys at a seafood bar and a short two months later I made another move to the Charlotte area.

Now in a serious relationship with an avid and talented surfer I’ve come full circle to my current goal. I want to join my boyfriend in his hobby and love of the waves. This proposes two problems: 1. I am no longer in swimming shape and could only last about 30 min with a board and 2. The boards have weight limits!

So I started this blog at the end of June 2012 with the intention of chronicling my dive back into the healthy living world, getting into shape, and becoming a surfer. I want to document my transformation in order to keep me accountable and to inspire anyone else to go after their goals.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Like the blog. Make sure to make time to get in the water…good for the soul…



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