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What I Ate Wednesday #2

January 30, 2013


Jenn at Peas and Crayons is a little food voyeur (so am I) and let’s the blogging community link up and share what they ate for the week. Here are a few of my favorites from this week! A simple breakfast of a juice smoothie and a hardboiled egg. Another morning I had plain greek […]

My Love for Fruit

January 24, 2013


In an effort to change my relationship with food the first thing I needed to tackle was my near addiction to sweets. To me, sweets were the ultimate reward and the thing I craved the most. Whenever someone would tell me “give up sugar”, even the thought of it made me want to hide. As […]

Chocolate Oatmeal Bake & Cook and Tell

August 25, 2012


Great news! Last week I entered Shrinking Kitchen’s Cook and Tell linkup contest! I entered my No Bake Brownie Bites and won! I’m way more excited about how much traffic my blog has gotten and all the new likes on Facebook and Pinterest! Thank to everyone that’s visited, liked, and please let me know if you […]

Cheesy Black Bean Egg Muffin

August 22, 2012


Stuart and I made fajitas the other night, and I had left over black beans. I decided to have a protein packed breakfast since I started my new job today and wanted to have a lot of energy and not be craving food while I was working. So I decided to make an egg sandwich […]

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancake

August 21, 2012


I’ve been looking and looking for easy pancake recipes that don’t use mix or really any flour. I found a bunch and modified them a little and slapped this one together. Ingredients 1 egg 1 packet of instant oatmeal (I used apple cinnamon flavor) 1 tbs water Crack and whisk egg into a bowl. Add […]

PB Apple Overnight Oats

August 16, 2012


I’ve been hearing so much about Overnight Oats. Almost every healthy living blog has a version of them. So I thought I’d give them a whirl. They are really simple to whip up the night before, making it a grab and go breakfast in the morning. This is good for me because I walk around […]

Chocolate Strawberry Toast

August 14, 2012


Bread is such a controversial thing when it comes to healthy eating. There was that whole “no carb” fad. Good thing I was was competitively swimming when that was all the rage. I actually got to carb load and it was good for me! I miss swimming, but that’s another story. I am not sure […]

Classic Egg Sandwich

August 1, 2012


My sister-in-law, well she isn’t actually my sister-in-law. She is my sister-in-law’s sister, but I call her my sister-in-law. Let’s just go with Heather. Heather was in town last night, and her birthday was this past weekend. My boyfriend and I decided to take her out to our favorite place to grab a bite to […]

Cherry Almond Toast

July 25, 2012


I love toast. It’s the weirdest thing. No matter how I’m feeling toast will always make me feel better.  Simple toast with butter is my favorite, I can eat it anytime during the day. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is willing to share his toast when we go out to breakfast. One of my favorite blogs […]

Banana Dilemma! Peanut Butter and Banana Quinoa

July 23, 2012


Turns out we weren’t in a very banana-y mood this week. We had most of our bunch of bananas left and they are starting to look awfully brown. So, I’ve been eating bananas a lot in order to not waste any food. I’ve also been hearing a lot about quinoa lately and decided to give […]