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Goal for 2013 #1

January 31, 2013


The whole reason I write this blog is because I have this gigantic, amazing, goal of learning how to surf. I am finally in a position where that’s possible. I’ve realized, however, that I need to have other small goals as well. Something that I can continue through my life (though I plan to surf […]

Beginner Yoga

October 26, 2012


I’ve read all these posts, and heard all of these stories about how women have been finally getting the motivation they’ve needed and started heading to the gym, ordering P90X or Insanity, or using the parks and trails near their homes. It may sound like an excuse, but I unfortunately do not have these luxuries. […]

Beginner Triangle Workout

August 30, 2012


Fitness Friday is coming early this week because tomorrow is Foodie Pen Pal reveal day! Lindsay over at The Lean Green BeanĀ started a program where you get linked up with a blogger or a blog reader and send and receive yummy foods! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see all the great things I […]

Fitness at the Zoo

August 17, 2012


Having been an high school and college athlete I was practically forced to workout nearly 30 hours a week. Needless to say, I am not exactly thrilled when I have to do workouts. It reminds me of those 5am practices! So, I absolutely love when I can get a workout in doing something everyday and […]

Interval Training & Post Workout Smoothie

July 27, 2012


I am becoming more aware of how my lifestyle prior to this point bordered on sedentary. I like to sit and lounge, I won’t lie about it. I am really trying to move more often and keep it dynamic. One of the problems that I am running into is that I am setting the bar […]

Beginner Workout & After Workout Protein Shake

July 20, 2012


Having been a competitive swimmer for 14+ years, I know a thing or two about an intense workout. I also know that I’ve absolutely refused to participate in such activity for the last 7 years. 7!? Wow, I didn’t realize it was that long until just now. Getting back into cardio and strength training has […]

Giving Up is Not For Me

July 16, 2012


I “diet” all of the time. “I’m gonna do it this time!” I say that every time. Then the weekend comes, and there are bon fires and s’mores, softball games and hot dogs. I had a really rough weekend. So rough that I ended up in tears. This is the only time I’ve ever had […]

Green PB & Banana Smoothie

July 15, 2012


My boyfriend and I made a trip back to Carolina Beach where we met about a month or so ago. We ate lunch at Surf HouseĀ (I recommend it to anyone). I had been craving cupcakes, big shocker. I bought us each a cupcake, and when we got back into the car I was shocked to […]

Fitness Fridays

July 13, 2012


Fitness Friday is now joining Tasty Tuesday on the themed blog days! Diets can only work for so long, so it’s important that you exercise as well. Being a former competitive swimmer I am no stranger to hard workouts, but it’s been about 5 or 6 years and I’m having a hard time getting back […]

Introducing: Tasty Tuesdays!

July 10, 2012


My transformation into a surfer starts with weight loss and my overall fitness. Every Tuesday I am going to share a tasty, healthy recipe with all of you! Cucumber, Tomato, and Chick Pea Salad serves 4 (1/2 cup) calories: 88 Ingredients: 1 cup cucumber 1 cup tomato 1 cup chick peas 1/4 cup Trader Joes […]