Beginner Yoga

Posted on October 26, 2012


I’ve read all these posts, and heard all of these stories about how women have been finally getting the motivation they’ve needed and started heading to the gym, ordering P90X or Insanity, or using the parks and trails near their homes.

It may sound like an excuse, but I unfortunately do not have these luxuries. I cannot afford a gym membership, not even the $10 a month options. I haven’t been able to buy myself new bras let alone a set of DVDs, and even if I did where would I do it?! There’s not enough space in our living room to be hopping and jumping around. There aren’t many parks near me that are safe for me to go work out by myself. Even my street is limited because there are no sidewalks and I usually get chased by dogs!

I knew though that I needed to incorporate some sort of fitness into my life in order to jump start this transition I am working for. This is where yoga comes in. As I said, I am not financially stable enough (thank you 7 years of college) to purchase classes. Behold, the glorious internet! All I had to do was type in “beginner yoga” and I was taken to Fitness Magazine’s 11 Yoga Poses for Beginners.

So, I set up my lap top, laid out my cheap yoga mat that I bought years ago and never used, and started to get to work. As I was standing there in a very odd position (hoping my boyfriend wouldn’t come home and see me standing like a warrior chief ) I realized I needed just one more element to make my yoga experience authentic. So again, I tried my hand at randomly typing in words and went to and searched for a Yoga station. My ears and inner self were so elated to hear the pan flutes and rain drops. For me, it seemed to make the odd positions I was standing in and the feeling of my body being stretched for the first time in forever much more tolerable.

It’s been three days into my new Yoga routine and already I feel much more balanced, less stressed, and my body seems to be more agreeable when I ask it to move. We all have to start somewhere, and beginner yoga is really giving me the motivation to eat cleanly as well.

Do you do yoga? What’s your favorite pose?

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