Why I’m Choosing Healthy

Posted on September 9, 2012


In an effort to really connect with my blog, it’s readers, and to find a true and authentic voice I am going to share my story. For better or worse.

A few months before my 19th birthday, during my second semester away from home at college in Buffalo, NY I received news that my parents were splitting up. Although I pride myself on being a fairly perceptive person, this came as quite a shock to me, and hit me harder than I had expected. I was bombarded with a lot of situations I wasn’t prepared for, and some very large challenges that lowered my self-confidence and threw me for a loop.

I was still young, but old enough to understand what was going on and I ended up with a lot of negative feelings that I was unable to cope with. In response to an abundance of emotions that I did not know how to handle my eating became erratic. I would binge often, or barely eat.

In the midst of these events I had a shoulder injury that perpetuated and I was forced to end my competitive swimming career. The combination of erratic and emotional eating, and complete a loss of physical activity caused my weight to sky rocket, and my overall health plummeted.

Eventually I finished undergraduate and graduate school and moved across the country to Raleigh, North Carolina. After a month of searching for a job and having no luck, I ended up getting a job that was outside of my field, but would cover my bills to allow me to move out of my brother’s house. I worked there for about 7 months before I was unexpectedly let go.

I then moved 3 hours away to the Charlotte area, and have been actively seeking full time employment. Even with a Master’s Degree it has been incredibly difficult to procure interviews, let alone employment. I am now working at part-time job while continuing my full time job search.

Despite these setbacks I am choosing to re-claim a healthy lifestyle because I deserve it. This is a very simplistic idea, I know, but it is truly that simple. I have decided to see my past as challenges to overcome, rather than be a victim of circumstances. I am choosing happiness, self love, self respect and I want to share it with anyone who may find comfort in this. I am using this blog as a reminder of what I am capable of, what my dreams are, and to attempt to inspire and contribute to a large supportive healthy living community.


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