Healthy Eating Apps

Posted on August 19, 2012


It’s hard to start making an enormous change like healthy living when you weren’t leading that lifestyle previously. We should be honest with ourselves, and I try to be, we need help doing this. Thankfully technology is helping me stay accountable, and providing me the information I need to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are three major apps that I use on my iPhone to keep me on target.

Fooducate App for iPhone

Fooducate is a great app because it educates (as the title lends) me on the foods that I am purchasing or about to consume. You can get information for random products, you can look up specific products, or you can even scan bar codes of products that you have and it gives you the rating. One thing I like is that it also gives user comments.

Eat Local App by the NRDC

Eat Local is a really cool app. This one helps you locate local Farmers Markets. I really enjoy this app for when we are out of town or I am in an area I don’t know. It also gives you a list of what’s in season in your particular area.

Lose It, App

If you are dieting or trying to maintain a certain calorie budget Lose It is the app for you. This one really keeps me accountable for what I’m putting into my mouth. It helps me count my calories, but also gives me a daily summary. How much I should be eating for each day. It also lets you input exercise and keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and adds it into what you can eat for the day. It also has you set a goal if you’d like. It works with you to figure out how much weight you want to lose in a certain amount of time and how long it’ll take you to get to your goal weight. This app is my favorite and a MUST for me.



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