Staple Saturday: Greek Yogurt

Posted on August 18, 2012


There are many tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy life and to losing weight. One of the things I’ve picked up is that there are a handful of staple food items that you can manipulate to fit your diet needs.

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

There are a lot of great health benefits of greek yogurt. First, it packs almost twice as much protein as regular yogurt. This is a great option for vegetarians, or an added bonus in an omnivores diet. With this much protein greek yogurt will  leave you feeling fuller, longer. Greek yogurt is low carb compared to regular yogurt (only if you don’t get the kind that’s sweetened in some way). You want to make sure that you get nonfat or low fat greek yogurt, or else this is a pretty high fat food.


To me plain greek yogurt has a similar taste to sour cream, so it’s really great to use for dips and things like that. One of my favorite uses for greek yogurt is my ranch dressing recipe. It’s also so much healthier to sweeten the yogurt yourself, if you’re looking for a more traditional yogurt. I do this by adding fruit, and if I’m looking for something very sweet I add stevia. I also like to add cocoa powder when I’m feeling very rebellious and want to eat chocolate for breakfast!

What are some of your favorite uses for greek yogurt?

What are the staple foods that are always showing up on your grocery list?