Fitness at the Zoo

Posted on August 17, 2012


Having been an high school and college athlete I was practically forced to workout nearly 30 hours a week. Needless to say, I am not exactly thrilled when I have to do workouts. It reminds me of those 5am practices! So, I absolutely love when I can get a workout in doing something everyday and FUN!

Sara, Heather, and me

My sister-in-law Sara turned 30 two weeks ago (she doesn’t look it does she?!) and she decided that for her birthday she wanted to go to the zoo. The zoo is located in Asheboro, NC. It’s 1,500 acres and has a North American side and an African side.

African Elephant 

We started on the African side and visited Stuart’s favorite animal, the elephant! I was amused because all of the visitors kept saying how young the elephants were, but they are actually older than me! One was born in 1979 and the other in 1981!

Bomassa and his parents


On August 4th, Bomassa was was born and we were able to see the little guy. His mother looks so happy! Having already walked about 1 mile up hill we decided to take the tram over to the North American side. Where we walked another mile up hill.


On the North American side we got to see my favorite animal, the alligators. They scare me to death but I love them at the same time. It’s strange. All and all we walked for about 3 hours, and at a fairly good pace because my sister-in-law wanted to see everything as quickly as possible! I was sore that night!! It was a great way to get a workout, and I had so much fun spending time with my family!


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