Obligatory Seafood at the Beach

Posted on August 9, 2012


Stuart and I spent an interesting weekend at Carolina Beach, this past weekend. It’s fairly amazing that I actually like the beach, since I turn into a lobster anytime I spend more than 30 min in the sun. My swedish genes make me a bit pasty, and in an eternal battle with the sun.

Fort Fisher, NC

Luckily, Stuart is a surfer so he is quite schooled in sunburn prevention and remedies. We spent nearly seven hours out in the sun. Swimming, surfing, and feeding the seagulls (natural cookies). Inevitably, I ended up burned but I did pretty well comparably.

Stuart surfing

Our seagull friends

Our trip to the beach is never complete without some amazing seafood. We met over seafood, and it’s just a thing we do. Stuart had a lot of fun, I think, showing me all of his favorite spots at the beaches and we headed down to Holden Beach to hit up some surf shops and eat at one of Holden Beach’s best kept secrets: Provision Company. This place is tucked away under the causeway, and sits right on the water. While we were waiting for food, we spotted a boat that looked to be sinking! It was nuts!


We both got the special: 1/4lb shrimp, crab cakes and coleslaw. It was SO good. We’ll probably head there a lot when we head back next.

Provision Company

Provision Company is such a cool place. The staff is so friendly, it’s laid back, but has the best food. It also seems to be a tradition that people leave their license plates and they hang them up all around the place. It was fun to look at all the different plates while we waited for our food!