The Shuckin’ Shack

Posted on August 2, 2012


Stuart and I are heading to Carolina Beach, NC tonight. It’s located on the southern coast of North Carolina and it’s one of our favorite places in the entire world. A few months back, in March, I finally had a weekend off from my very demanding job and Heather and I decided to head to Carolina Beach for the weekend. It was very windy and cold that weekend, so we spent most of our time doing touristy things like going to the aquarium.

Snake and me at the aquarium

For dinner we decided to go to my favorite place in the entire world, The Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar. They have the best seafood in the entire world. When available all the seafood is local. That night I ended up just eating some clams, but at a previous visit with my family I had the best lobster in my entire life and it was only $11.00 for the whole meal!

Shuckin’ Shack lobster

I love seafood, and it’s so good for you, all those Omega-3’s! Although, too much consumption can result in too much mercury, I’m no doctor but as far as I know there are very few people who eat enough seafood to be at risk for that.

Well, it was that night (when I was eating the clams with Heather, not the Lobster) that we happened to sit down at the oyster bar next to two men eating buckets of oysters (note the plural there). After a few adult beverages, we ended up talking to these men, and having the blast for the rest of the night.

Four months later and there hasn’t been a day that we haven’t spoken to each other. What a cute love story, huh? 🙂 This is the reason we especially love gong back to the beach. We get to re-live that night that changed our lives.