Classic Egg Sandwich

Posted on August 1, 2012


My sister-in-law, well she isn’t actually my sister-in-law. She is my sister-in-law’s sister, but I call her my sister-in-law. Let’s just go with Heather. Heather was in town last night, and her birthday was this past weekend.

My brother Justin, Heather, and me!

My boyfriend and I decided to take her out to our favorite place to grab a bite to eat: Gréco Fresh Grille. It’s to die for. They have the best lamb gyro on the planet. I could die over their grape leaves as well. Needless to say I was way too excited to eat my food, and forgot to snap a few pictures. You can head on over to their website and take a peek, and whenever you’re in the Charlotte, NC area you have to go!

As Stuart and I are gearing up for a trip to the beach tomorrow we haven’t really been experimenting in the kitchen. So, I’ve decided I’ll share some of my staple meal items. Honestly, who has the time to have something new every single day? Plus, habit helps many succeed with weight loss.

I’ve said it before but I was never a breakfast eater. Now that I am in a routine of getting up, kindly packing Stuart a lunch, and then making myself a nice, healthy, filling breakfast I have no trouble eating it. One of the ways I make my breakfast last longer (feeling full longer) is by eating eggs! Eggs are amazing, and I advocate eating the yolk too. We get organic free range eggs no questions asked.

serves 1 | 260 calories

I eat an egg sandwich about once or twice a week. I really don’t like eggs plain. I always have to have them with something. I also obsess over foods, and I’ll eat the same thing for a long time before I give it up for something else. It certainly isn’t any culinary feat but it is helping me in the journey to become who I want to be.

1 organic cage free egg
1 slice of natural american cheese
2 slices of healthy white bread

Spray frying pan with cooking spray (I use olive oil for lower calories). Crack egg into pan and cook as desired, adding cheese just before it’s finished. Meanwhile, toast bread. Put egg and cheese on bread. Eat!