Back in the Water

Posted on June 29, 2012


Every summer in the small town of Livonia, New York on a lake called Conesus (one of the Finger Lakes) there is an enormous 4th of July party. Ironically, however, the party is held on the 3rd of July and includes a phenomenon called the “Ring of Fire”:


(Photo Credit: Frohtography)

The party consists, unsurprisingly, of drinking, eating, and setting of explosives. My boyfriend, brother, and I are traveling up to the great state of New York to participate in this tradition (that I have not missed in 27 years).

This pertains to my journey into surfing because it will give me a chance to get back into the water for a week. My only option where I live is to pay nearly $50 a month to use a pool for training. While in New York my brother an I will be doing some open water swimming (don’t laugh about it being in a lake) to get into some shape.

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